Who we are and what we promise

About Us

The aim of Genesis School of Driving is to teach clients to be safe drivers on road in all situations and obtain Victorian Driving License in the first attempt. 

At present School is covering Northern Suburbs in Melbourne and delivering driving lessons in Automatic Transmission only in a Brand New car. 

Lessons can be delivered in English, Hindi, Malayalam and Tamil.   Special attention will be given to non English speaking clients using diagrams and pictures to make them understand in their preferred language.

Certificate IV in Car Driving Instruction

Accredited Driving Instructor

Certificate IV in Training and Assessment

Accredited  Driving Instructor

ADTA Member

 Australian Driver Trainers Association

ADTA is the national body for professional driver trainers promoting Safe Driving for LIfe. Thousands of small businesses across Australia representing each state are members of the ADTA for one reason alone. That reason is to promote road safety for all Australians. Through this national organisation individuals come together and assist in developing strategy and policies concerning licence regulations and safety to state, territory and federal governments. Members of ADTA are made up of road safety educators and practical driver trainers of all licence classes.