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Excellent Instructor!

Mr.Paul is highly professional and concise when it comes to driving lessons. He patiently provided responses to my questions even if they were repetitive. His instructions are precise and provides us with ample examples to understand the nuances. His calm and composed manner even in high pressure situations will help students who are nervous about driving rules. As other reviewers have mentioned, he’s punctual for the driving lessons as well. He aims for perfection and will ensure all possible scenarios are covered during the driving lessons. Having driven overseas for a very short time, I found it very easy to understand the nuances of safe driving after taking driving lessons with Mr. Paul. My confidence level has increased multifold after taking driving lessons with Mr. Paul. If you’re planning to take driving lessons with him, you don’t have to think twice. You can rest assured that the lessons will be worth every cent of your hard earned money. Thought I had made mistakes during my drive lessons, he doesn’t make them sound negative. His positivity during the driving lessons helps one overcome their fear and anxiety. With his guidance and support, I was able to get my full Victorian license in the very first attempt. I highly recommend Mr.Paul if you’re planning to take driving lessons with or without prior driving experience.

Renuga Seralathan

Thumbs Up for Mr. Paul

It’s very hard for me at the first time to drive here in Australia, because i came across from the Philippines which is left handed drive. But thanks God that i conquer all the risk in driving here as a right hand drive. And then I met Mr. Paul, a very big help for me to get my first attempt to have a victorian licence. I highly recommend Mr. Paul as my Instructor, he is very patient, kind and friendly as well, you learn a lot from him, from start to finish. A very big thank you Mr. Paul for helping me to pass and get my victorian licence. God bless you Mr. Paul.

Unit 1/6 Portsmouth Place Epping VIC 3076

Very Good!

Mr.Paul was a great driving instructor. Very patient and polite!

South Morang

Best among the best!!

Very patient and professional. Identifies your lacking and helps fix them instantly. Person centred approach. Best for nervous drivers like myself. 🙂 Was recommended by one of my friends and now my recommendation for everyone! Thanks Paul


Very Good!

Mr. Paul was a great driving instructor. Very patient and polite!

South Morang

Excellent Instructor with Precise information

I would like to give a very big thanks to Paul for giving wonderful guidance and teaching. I can happily say that I was able to pass my drive test in the first attempt largely due to the different driving scenarios I was being taken by Paul, while taking the drive classes. This gave me good confidence on the test day. Paul has been always been on time for the classes, prompt in reminding about classes, reminding about areas i need to focus more and giving great tips to be considered while driving. Thank you dear Paul for your excellent teaching 🙂

Sabarish Babu

Great educator

Paul has been a great driving instructor .


Highly Recommended Driving Instructor

Mr. Paul is the best driving instructor. He is very experienced and a true professional. He is patient, polite and punctual. His method of teaching is innovative and very easy to learn. He was helpful in identifying and correcting my mistakes and gave some good tips for safe driving. I would highly recommend Mr. Paul and give him 5 star rating. Thank you so much.

Rahul Kapoor
South Morang

Patient and comprehensive

My experience with Paul as my driving instructor was awesome! I’m really happy with the way I was taught to drive here. Paul was very patient and his tips on safe driving will always ring in my head! He is very friendly and accommodates his teaching technique based on your driving level (beginners to experienced). Being an overseas driver, Paul made me forget I even used to drive on the opposite side which was a huge deal for me! Paul speaks with the exact same instructions as the LTO and that’s how you get used to the test terminology and practice driving with it. Thanks Paul for your help. I’m happy to get the Lisence in one attempt, Alhamdulilah. This driving school is very much recommended, 5 Star rating!!!

Alaa Alzard

Very nice, patient and professional Instructor

I would give five ratings to Mr Paul as an instructor. He is patient, punctual and a very kind professional. Its impossible for a nervous person like me to clear the road test in first attempt. A great teacher and indeed a great person. A highly recommended trainer for one,who seriously want to be a good and safe driver in Australia. Thanks Mr Paul.

Swagata Dutta
Spring Street, Reservoir, Victoria

Highly recommended for new drivers

Sir. I am taking this opportunity to express my gratitude for the support he extended during this whole process. I highly tecommens PAUL to any beginners..Highly professional and patient. Thanks & Regards Alina

South morang

Professional Instructor for all

My friend recommended Mr.Paul for my driving lessons. I realized Mr.Paul is a perfect trainer for new beginners, a hope for a nervous person like me.He teaches exactly the Right Skills and Methods how to drive, pointing all the multi – task role to drive safely as required for the RSA. He is Patience and corrects any errors now and then, exhibits visual materials and drawing’s to learn with full understanding. I thank Mr.Paul for all the best lessons and I got my License.


Right way to pass the driving test

I strongly recommend him for whom you wanna pass your driving test at your first attempt. Very Kind and friendly Teacher. He made me to pass my driving test at my first attempt. I was very nervous but The way he taught me, it was easy for me to complete my test successfully.

Joshua rajasingham

Best Driving Instructor

Mr. Paul is very professional and experienced instructor. He is very patient and polite. His unique style of teaching and his training/analysis techniques are easy to learn. He helped me to get my licence in the very first attempt in Bundoora VicRoads. I would highly recommend Mr. Paul, Genesis School of Driving to everyone. Thank you so much.

Tanu Suri
South Morang

Best instructor for beginners

Mr. Paul Radhakrishnan is a great driving instructor for nervous beginners like me. He is very patient and encourages a lot. He was very helpful in identifying my mistakes and gave practical tips that would help for a lifetime safe driving. His charges are very reasonable for the tips and training he had given.  I am very grateful to him and strongly recommend him to any beginner….

Radhika Ramkumar


I got my full licence in the very first attempt in Bundoora VicRoads.. He is very patience,genuine and polite.  He knows how to handle people, especially nervous drivers like me… Very respect person.. he is very innovative and knowledgable person .. Very simple word in one word he is my best driver.  His price is very reasonable.


Feel confident with good instructor

Paul Radhakrishnan really helped boost my confidence as a driver, from the first assessment to the day of the test, I felt at ease and like this was something I could definitely do. I passed my driving test first time after lessons in GENESIS School of Driving. “I want to say a massive THANK YOU to my instructor Paul Radhakrishnan for his patience and willingness to adapt his teaching methods to work with me.


Best Driving Instructor at Bundoora

It is hard to look beyond Mr. Paul Radhakrishnan if you choose to take drive tests in Bundoora. Easily the man’s capability and patience in teaching lessons in a unique and interesting way will help you as a beginner. I was a beginner and today, due to his efforts I could get my Probationary Driving License.

Anantha Narayanan

Exceptional Driving Instructor

I have just cleared my driving test and it wouldn’t have happened without Paul’s meticulous and thorough training sessions. Paul is very patient and always has the best interest of the student in mind. I would highly recommend Paul, Genesis School of Driving to anyone who would like to get Australian driver’s license.

Shilpa Ramachandran

Best for First Timers

For a first timer like me, Mr.Paul is a perfect trainer that any new driver would look for. Mr.Paul has his own tricks thru which he makes the first time learner at ease. His approach made me easy to remember all the rules and learn a new skill. He is very professional and patience in his approach as an instructor and considerate in his dealings with his students. To sum it up, Mr.Paul makes sure that You get your licence and his never give up attitude and his teaching skill is exemplary. I would strongly recommend him to beginners. Thank You Paul !

Janet Joseph

Best Instructor in Melbourne !

I was suggested Mr.Paul by a friend and I never regretted my decision. He has enough patience to handle nervous drivers. His unique methodological style of teaching and his training/analysis techniques sets him apart from other driving instructors in Melbourne. I would recommend Mr.Paul for any overseas driver who is seeking to get a VIC license. All the best Mr.Paul.

Peter Joseph

BEST Driving Instructor!

Paul is really friendly and incredibly professional! I’m very grateful to him for his constant guidance and for always encouraging me. Thank you so much for your enormous support and patience in teaching me how to be a safe driver. I’m very satisfied with the driving lessons I had with him and I would highly recommend him to both beginners and experienced drivers.

Carolyn Thomas

Recommend genesis driving school to future drivers!

I just passed my road test with flying colours thanks to paul..! Thank you so much!! .  Paul has got a good patience to teach the client and no shouting at all.  This school is definitely worth the money ..really learned a lot. I passed on the first try…I would definitely recommend Paul, genesis driving school to future drivers!


Excellent Teacher

Mr Paul Radhakrishnan is an excellent and efficient teacher. He is extremely patient and provides extremely good tips on tackling any kind of driving situation. His simple instructions are easy to understand and his explanation is easy to understand. I would highly recommend anyone to choose him as an instructor.

Rebecca Abraham

After reading the VicRoads syllabus

After reading the VicRoads syllabus in Road to Solo Driving, I know I’m not going to make it on my own despite my nearly 40 years of driving experience in my home country. It was my lucky day when I walked into Uni Hill shopping mall and picked up Paul’s business card from a notice board there. I’m now a proud holder of a Victorian driving licence and I owe it to Paul. Paul, as retired teacher to another teacher, I would like to say, your teaching technics are impeccable. Everything others have said in their testimonials, I agree totally. You have demystified reverse parallel parking for me. I will carry your driving tips with me through the rest of my driving days. Your kindness and sincerity shine through during every lesson. You are my knight in shining armour. Let me relate briefly what happened so people can understand why I said that. At the appointed time for my driving test I was literally stopped in my track. I was told that my overseas licence is deemed unacceptable according to a recent directive. To make a long story short, I managed to sort it out and was given another slot. By that time Paul was at another appointment. When he got my call, he sorted out his other end and came “charging’ back in his white Toyota steed. My day is saved and I have a happy ending. Thank you Paul. I would definitely recommend you if anyone I know looks for a driving instructor. All the best in your future endeavors.

Yian Lim

Very Professional Driving Instructor

Mr. Paul Radhakrishnan is a very professional and good driving instructor. I am glad that I could take lessons from him and very happy that I got my license in the first attempt. All credit goes to him for his teaching method. Although I have been driving for 10 yrs in the middle east I was confused about driving here as the road rules and road conditions are very different. Mr Paul was very patient and friendly and he made sure he gave the right instructions for me to not only pass the driving test but also to be a safe driver. I especially liked the way he explained the rules by drawing and giving logical and practical reasons so that it is very clear. I must say that now I can confidently do reverse parallel parking and three-point turn. All thanks to him because he taught it in steps that is easy to remeber. He also ensures he completes the syllabus based on the driving test so that all areas of the test are covered.I would highly recommend him for new drivers as he is very patient and also for others who were driving but are new to Melbourne as he knows what the weak points are and focuses on that. Thanks, Leena Pramod Thornbury

Leena Pramod

best instructor

I highly recommend Genesis driving school,Paul is an excellent and professional instructor.He built my confidence in driving,His instructions are so clear to understand,he gives simple step by step methods which are not confusing like other instructors and also he has lot of patience.his motive is not only to make the students pass only but also to be a safe driver. the fees is also affordable and he is very punctual.Thanks Paul for making me pass the test and get my license.


Efficient instuctor

Mr Paul Radhakrishnan is a wonderful driving instructor with outstanding teaching techniques and patience. He teaches almost all the driving circumstances and explains all the safety techniques to be followed. I would strongly recommend anyone to choose him as an instructor with confidence.

Elza Joseph

Experienced Professional Driving Instructor

A friend of mine recommended Mr. Paul Radhakrishnan to get drive lessons. He is a very good , experienced and professional Driving Instructor. He takes through all the test routes and driving situations as much as possible and he has easy technics to teach reverse parallel parking, three point turn. I passed the driving test on my first attempt. I would recommend anyone to learn from him, as he is an excellent methodical and professional Driving Instructor.


Most encoring driving instructor

Mr. Paul Radhakrishnan is the most encoring driving instructor, who helps to sharpen any one’s driving skills. He has a clear syllabus to cover all the essential skills in a systematic manner. This helped me to exhibit the expected driving skills while undergoing the actual test. At the end of each session he summarizes the good and improvement points to access the progress and to enhance our driving ability. He gives lots of safe driving tips for easy remembrance and to apply on a daily basis, and of course its eases the worries about passing the test. I would love to keep recommending him to all my friends and contacts.


100% professional

Mr Paul Radhakrishnan is a very professional instructor who is really committed to his profession. I was a person who had more than ten years driving experience abroad. But when I started driving here, I was so confused with the new traffic rules and laws. It was then one of my friends suggested about Paul and I am lucky enough to get such a perfect person to train me. He is always well planned and I really like the way he gives attention to details and being much patient with his clients. Eventhough I was not a beginner he was ready to take time to explain and clarify my mistakes, which I really appreciate. He helps to make everything easy and thats how I could pass my test in my first attempt itself.Comparing to other driving schools, his pricing is much affordable as well. I would defenitly recommend Mr.Paul to anyone who needs perfect driving lessons A to Z without any fail.

Shanoj Chandran Edathara

Best instructor for beginners

Mr. Paul Radhakrishnan is a great driving instructor for nervous beginners like me. He is very patient and encourages a lot. He was very helpful in identifying my mistakes and gave practical tips that would help for a lifetime safe driving. I am very grateful to him and strongly recommend him to any beginner….

Radhika Ramkumar

A good driving instructor!

Paul Radhakrishnan is a professional driving instructor. He covers all possible circumstances for a trainer to pass the test at the very first attempt. Teaching in polite manner is one of the best qualities he has. I highly recommend anyone to take driving lessons from him. I passed my drive test in the very first attempt. I think drive test becomes very easy after being trained by him.

Kishani Maheshika Hettiarachchi
South Morang

A good instructor

I was very fortunate to have Mr.Paul Radhakrishnan as my driving instructor. He was very thorough in teaching driving by giving me good tips and examples. I was a beginner in driving, but I am very glad to say that with his support and encouragement, I could get my driving license. I would only recommend him as an instructor to my friends. He is very punctual and sincere. His price is also reasonable and worth paying.  His effort to teach driving is much appreciated.

Simi Catharine Sebastian

A perfect Teacher

I am so happy to tell that Mr Paul Radhakrishnan is the best teacher I have ever seen. I can’t tell about him merely as an Instructor because he literally taught me driving through the theory and practical classes. I was not at all confident as a driver when I started my driving lessons.In fact it was another instructor who gave me the lessons.  Eventhough I had told her that I am poor in driving and needed to be considered as a new student , she was not patient enough to treat me so and gave up her attempt within a few days.I was so dissappointed and lost my confidence. It was at that time , one of my friends suggested me to approach Mr Paul Radhakrishnan. He gave me the whole confidence and courage , started the lessons by explaining the theory and traffic rules.Whenever I was confused, he explained the situation and even drew the pictures for clarification. He is also a bundle of tips and tricks that always helps us in driving and parking in any difficult situation. I am so happy to find such a patient instructor who gave me the right lessons and moulded me to be a good driver and get my license in my first attempt itself. With no doubt I can say that you can never find a better instructor elsewhere.

Simi Narayanan Geetha

Mr. Paul Radhakrishnan is a

Mr. Paul Radhakrishnan is a professional. He is the most patient instructor that I ever met. I have had instructors in the past and they just couldn’t get me to the level that Mr.Paul did in a short time. He got a lot of tips for your parking, improve your hazard Perception and safe driving. He knew all the test routes and was very thorough every step of the way. I am so grateful to say that I passed my test in the very first attempt itself. I highly recommend Mr. Paul as your instructor, will truly bring out your confidence as a driver. Thank you Paul..

Breezy Chathely

A professional instructor

A professional instructor.   We both have taken classes from Mr Paul. What we found special about him was that he knew his student\’s weakness and strengths. He is very dedicated to his profession. He has a got a systematic way of teaching and gives us all kind of situations we should be expecting for the test. His punctuality is commendable. He gave us a lot of encouragement and in less than 5 classes we could clear our test. We are really grateful to Mr Paul for all his support. We reiterate by saying that with him as your driving instructor you will be a safe and good driver.

Aju and Dona



A very Good Instructor

My experience was really good with Genesis School of Driving.  Mr. Paul Radhakrishnan was my driving Instructor.  He has good experience in the field of Driving Instruction.  He taught me all situations in the test route with diagrams and calculations that I could understand them very easily.  With a very few number of classes I was able to get my license in the very first attempt. I got a very good knowledge about safe driving tips in Australia.  I recommend anyone to take driving lessons from Mr. Paul.



HI i am a holder of overseas driving licence holder and i have driven before going to class with Mr. Paul.  At the first place why did I choose to go for driving lessons with mr Paul, one my neighbours recommended him and both of them passed in their first test, and many of my friends who are very good drivers and have drove for many years but failed the first attempt and decided to go for a instructor. yes because you don’t know what the License Testing Officer is looking for, I have taken few lessons from mr. Paul and he is very good in correcting the mistakes you do and is familiar with all the test roots of vic roads.The fare is cheap and you need not have to take more lesson, he will cover every thing during the lessons. I passed my drive test in the very first attempt.  I have recommend him for all my friends who wish to take licence.

zubair ali rasheed ali

Great Instructor

I’m so grateful to Mr Paul for his driving lessons.. He teaches so patiently, giving so many tips and advices which increases confidence. He takes you through different situations repeatedly so driving becomes easier for you. He gives timely corrections for every weak points. His instruction style is superb.. I passed my drive test in the very first attempt.  I highly recommend him…

Asha Mary Joy

best trainer

Paul Radha krishnan is really a nice patient man and great teacher.To learn driving ,we need a very very patient teacher.because we don\’t know anything.so Mr.paul is really a good teacher and very kind too. He\’s giving more tips.very useful for us. He\’s teaching step by step.we can understand very easily. I learnt from him. Now,Iam a good driver. i can go everywhere.Always i am following his tips.I can go safetly.Very Very thanks brother. Rahila Glenroy.


Helped me to pass at the first attempt!

I came from overseas and a number of my friends recommended Mr. Paul to get drive lessons. Mr. Paul is a very good and experienced instructor. Initially I was bit nervous and confused for Australian driving, but after learning from Paul, I passed my test in the first attempt it self. He is very familiar with all the test routes, in my case, the Bundoora test centre. He taught me the key aspects of driving, bringing theory in to practice, he taught me some very simple and easy measures to do reverse parallel parking, three point turn and front-in parking. His charges are reasonable compared to many other instructors and I strongly recommend learning from him and using his car for drive test as you can easily do reverse parallel parking, three point turn and other manures with some simple steps.


Recommend to learn driving from Mr Paul

I din’t knew abc’s of driving. Thanks to Paul sir who was very patient in understanding the needs n teaching with lot of interest. Felt very comfortable while learning to drive. He is a awesome person who would help you learn to drive at your level. I passes the test in 1st attempt it self.. I was not able to believe myself. I would highly recommend to learn driving from him.I have seen my friends take driving lessons from 3 to 4 instructors but not clear the test still.

Lavanya Merugumuvvala

Right Driving Instructor!

Choosing right instructor is very importatnt to learn any skill. I was lucky, my friend recommended Paul Radhakrishnan to master my drving skill. He is very patient and understanding. He follows systematic syllabus that covers every aspect of driving. He gives tips and techniques to pass the drive test. We feel nervous during the test. But he helps to break the nervousness and make us feel confident. I would recommend anyone to learn from him. He is indeed the right driving instructor!

Valli Anand
Keilor East


Paul Radhakrishnan, Driving Instructor of Genesis School of Driving is very co-operative and he really know the situation and anxieties of his students going through.Even i made so many mistakes during the periods of my driving classes he handled it nicely and try to make out me in simple way.I wish you all the best THANK YOU VERY MUCH SIR.  I strongly recommend him to any clients as their Driving Instructor.


Great Instructor

Paul Radhakrishnan is a very methodical and professional Driving Instructor whose main purpose is to get you to believe in your potential to be a successful and safe driver. He devotes 100% of his attention towards teaching you step by step very clearly. He takes you through different driving situations and focuses on helping you to get rid of any weaknesses that you may have while driving. He always asks for your feedback and explains things logically. He’s been an instructor for a long time with plenty of experience, teaching people of all ages. Every lesson with Mr. Paul was amazing for me and I am so grateful to have had him as my instructor. I passed the driving test on my first attempt 


I started taking driving lessons

I started taking driving lessons from Paul Radhakrishnan, a couple of months back as a beginner driver. He has been very systematic and detail-oriented in his teaching approach. In just under 10 lessons, I was confident enough to take the drive test and cleared the test in the very first attempt. Thanks Paul, for enabling me to become a safe and efficient driver!

Chithra Ramachandran
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